Guaranteed Mileage

Our walks are not measured by time. Dogs by nature like to sniff, mark, chase squirrels and pick up random things to eat while outside. If you are paying for a 20-minute walk, do you think your pet is out walking for 20 minutes? Most likely not! A 20-minute walk can easily turn into a 10-minute walk because Fido spends the other 10 minutes busy doing the listed things above rather than walking. At fidosmiles, our focus is not only being outside with your pet but also the activity of walking as a form of exercise. That means a walk is not complete until we finish its distance (1 mile, 2 miles or 3 miles), regardless of how long it takes.

Consistency: The Same Walker Every Time

Your dog is walked by the same personal walker every time, long term! In this fast-paced ever-changing world, we city dwellers have learned to adapt to and flow with the turbulence of every day situations. However, it doesn't mean our pets want to tag along on this roller coaster ride. Dogs LOVE stability and routines! It can be very stressful and threatening for them to deal with frequent change of handlers while in their territory. In order to have a successful walk the handler must gain Fido's trust, and that takes patience and long term bonding. Pet parents can also have a peace of mind by letting someone you and Fido trust into your private home.

Objective: To Exercise

Many people think that dog walking is as easy as a stroll in the park. That is true if the walk is for pleasure, which involves frequent stops to check the pee-mail. Our walks are designed for a different purpose- to keep your pet fit! We work hard on to elevate Fido's heart rate and sustain an aerobic pace. Every walk is a workout session that demands his 100% engagement, and he will be happily trotting along. Our loving pack leaders are physically fit individuals who are ready to out walk Fido any day, rain or shine!


"Your pet is not another client, but a dignified canine individual with his unique characters, likes, and dislikes."

Let's face it, anyone can walk a dog! What sets us apart is our investment, experience, and commitment. One good reason to hire a professional is that our services are insured and bonded. This means if anything happens to your pet or your property we've got you covered! We also take the time to get to know every new pack member and bond with them, because without a strong bond there is no pack. Lastly, when you are at work your pet depends on us to take a break outside, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Unless there is a declared weather emergency, we will be there!

Small Pack Environment

Never underestimate the power of the pack! Picture a pack of hounds going out to hunt. Imagine the excitement they go through by doing what nature has intended them to do: working together as a team. A purposeful pack outing makes dogs feel like dogs, and the happiest! While we value the importance of the pack we are also committed to take great care of your pet. We only take 2 to 3 dogs at a time. By keeping the number low, the pack leader is able to effectively monitor every member's safety and well-being.