Our Philosophy

All life forms deserve to be respected as they are. The moment we decide to humanize other species, we have failed to respect them. Dogs are not only man’s best friend but also wonderful teachers of unconditional love, joy, play, patience, loyalty and honesty. In return, what do dogs need from their human companions? Not much- food, water, shelter, companionship and exercise. Many dog owners mean well when they shower their beloved pet with fancy treats and affection. For a dog, however, no amount of gourmet food or affection can replace the fulfillment from a challenging exercise. To truly love a dog is to honor him as a dog and help him reach his full potential.

Our Mission

•  To provide dog clients quality and structured exercises in a small pack environment.
•  To ensure the safety of dog clients and pack leaders.
•  To deliver superb customer service.
•  To treat people and all animals with compassion and kindness.
•  To promote canine physical and mental health.
•  To foster a community of health-conscious pet owners.

Pack Leader

You can easily spot Alisa walking the streets of Malden and Melrose with her furry clients. Her most memorable client was a 1-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, named Archie. He was a rambunctious boy that weighed over 110 pounds. Like most untrained puppies, Archie was always inquisitive, excited and distracted. Their walk wouldn’t have been so challenging if he wasn’t over 100 pounds and jumping up on every human or dog he came across.

In the beginning, Alisa let Archie do whatever he wanted, which included:  constant marking, sniffing, picking up random objects, biting his leash, chasing birds/squirrels, chasing bicycles, etc. Once he started pulling, nothing could stop him! There was no doubt that he was leading the pack…Until one day, Alisa figured out all dog’s weakness- they can only focus on one thing at a time! That means when Archie was engaged in vigorous walking he could not find an opportunity to misbehave. To test it out, they started power-walking with jogging intervals. The result was almost instant. Archie became more focused, obedient and most importantly, he learned to respect his handler! He had transformed from an uncontrollable brat to a happy pack member. It became clear to Alisa that a vigorous exercise could give dogs the physical and mental challenges that a relaxing stroll could not. Ever since, she has been working hard to make every walk challenging to her canine clients.